I was tagged by Megan (soon to be) McDerrmott. The idea is that you say five things that people don’t know about you and then tag five other people. I’ll get to my five things in a moment but first I wanted to share some analysis that I did of this current meme.

Every person who gets tagged starts off by first saying who tagged them as I did. So it is very easy to backtrack along the path to see who is in your chain. There seem to be two starting points for this meme, Dave Gale and Jeff Pulvar. Solo SEO has a link tree for the top parts of each hierarchy but it doesn’t go nearly deep enough for me to see myself. So I decided to take a non-random tour through the blogosphere and find who I am now connected to. It includes some very prominent names in SEO, advertising, and writing, a few of which I’ve listed below.

Now five things you didn’t know about Adam Hewgill. Chances are you didn’t know for a good reason but I’ll just pretend like you care to make myself feel better. :o)

  1. In addition to writing technical content for dev|sushi I also maintain another blog called Average Adam – The personal blog of a happily mediocre “adult” which contains non-technical stuff. A while back I realized that my friends and family didn’t understand half of the stuff I discussed but would still read it and tell me it was boring. I decided that a split needed to be made. I am currently moving the site to its own domain which is, for now, a redirect.
  2. I try my best to be athletic and participate off and on in a few different activities such as jogging, martial arts, swimming and now hockey. Over a year ago I discovered a new discipline called Parkour which involves full body physical exercise utilizing everything from walls to trees. I am a member of Parkour Toronto (PKTO) and more locally of KW Parkour. Thanks to some friends and the draw to participate I was able to loose 30 pounds in a few months and now am at a much more comfortable weight (though still overweight, hehe).
  3. I grew up in the small town of Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada. It is situated in the heart of cottage (tourist) country and is very beautiful. However, during a coop term in Ottawa I came to realize that I could never go back. I had grown accustomed to the 24 hour grocery stores, late night movie show times and corner stores. In future I plan to move up in city size eventually living in New York City on Manhattan Island. I never really liked the great outdoors anyway.
  4. My girlfriend Sara and I have been dating for more than eleven years now and generally people are quite shocked by that total. We often get the question “Are you getting married soon?” or some variation and our answer is always no (albeit with a joke added about expensive rings and an inadequate income). One day we will I’m sure but not yet. Besides we already have our two kids, grey and furry though they may be.
  5. We just bought a loft downtown Kitchener in a development called The Kaufman Lofts. It is very exciting even though our move in date isn’t until late October 2007.

I’ve decided that two months of tagging is enough so I am not going to name any names. Hope you enjoyed this journey as much as I did writing it.